About Sarah

Sarah-Christie-CoachHaving received executive coaching in her organisation and knowing that she was not realising her true potential in her corporate career, Sarah was inspired to qualify as a coach and left her job at the age of 40 to set up her own business in 2005. Having a passion for learning, Sarah quickly went onto train as an NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner. In addition to her private coaching work, Sarah is also a qualified trainer, specialising in her passion of leadership and has achieved great success working with many hundreds of managers since 2007, both in the UK and internationally. As an Associate Trainer for Excel Communications, Sarah holds the accolade of being their most used trainer in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

In 2011 she achieved accreditation as a John Adair Accredited ACL Trainer and has continued to work with Professor Adair, accrediting other trainers in his work. She is only one of two Associates in the UK who has permission to accredit others in Adair leadership. She now additionally delivers a one day accreditation as an ACL Coach. (ACL stands for Action Centred Leadership, see www.effectiveoutcomes.co.uk).

More recently Sarah has achieved accreditation in the field of Social Styles (interpersonal and relationship-building effectiveness) and in 2014 successfully gained Certification as an NLP Trainer, a Timeline Therapy Practitioner and Master Hypnotist. To finish off the year she became accredited in Change Management, to complement her leadership training.

Although Sarah does use NLP theories in her leadership training courses, she also uses the theories she teaches to help others for real! In fact Sarah loves working with individuals on a 1:1 basis where she feels she can really make a difference to their lives. She is trained in a number of different methodologies as she is aware that not everyone is comfortable with hypnosis or Emotional Freedom Technique, for example!

For those who prefer a more scientific approach, NLP is good and for those who prefer to trust in the energy of the Universe, a Law of Attraction approach might be better. And for those who hate the thought of any of that stuff, good old-fashioned coaching will suffice!

donkeysSarah’s ultimate dream is to set up a coaching practice in the South West of England, where she can assist clients in a beautiful, retreat-like location, surrounded by her rescue horses and donkeys. If the dream comes to fruition, she will even be able to offer accommodation in one of her holiday cottages in the grounds. Sounds idyllic? Watch this space!

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