“A breakthrough is a moment in time when the impossible becomes possible. It’s when something happens that shapes you and moves you. Maybe you meet someone that inspires you. Maybe you finally get so fed up you won’t settle for the life you have any more. It’s the moment when you finally take massive action and transform your life”.

Anthony Robbins

Does the description above sum up how you are feeling? Have you reached that breaking point? The point when you refuse to be held back any longer and want to literally break through the negative emotions and fear that have been holding you back for so long?

What would that be worth to you? To create your future the way you want it? To finally realise your potential and find the success, confidence and peace of mind you deserve? To leave all the limitations behind?

Here’s the exciting part: using some very specialist techniques including NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis, you can be rid of these long-standing problems in a matter of hours.

Why? Because I don’t need to hear your story. I don’t need to hear why the problem started, just how it manifests in your life now. Don’t misunderstand! There will be lots of questions for you to answer but once you’ve done that part, the actual solutions will be very quick and we won’t stop until you know for certain that your problem has gone and gone for good.

You will also receive some specifically designed tasks for you to complete after your Breakthrough Day, plus 3 months of coaching with me, just to ensure you stay on track after your initial euphoria passes.

Breakthrough Days differ from all other types of intervention because they are a fast and effective, life changing one on one, full day intensive. If you are ready to totally rid yourself of your negative programming, and re-program your mind to be who you want to be, do what you want to do and have what you want to have, then a Breakthrough Session is definitely for you!

Who Would Benefit from a Breakthrough Day?

Anyone who:

  • Suffers from unwarranted anger, sadness, fear, hurt or guilt for no reason;
  • Consistently  has negative thoughts that prevent them from enjoying life;
  • Doesn’t feel good enough in many areas of their life;
  • Has lost their confidence;
  • Has been told they are over-emotional or too sensitive;
  • Feels stuck in a rut and doesn’t know how to move forward;
  • Has doubts or fears that consistently holds them back;
  • Is fed up of trying to live up to the expectations of others but feels guilty or powerless to change;
  • Has lost their motivation or focus;
  • Knows that something is wrong but is finding it hard to pinpoint the reason;

What to Expect from a Breakthrough Session

First there will be a preliminary consultation, usually by telephone unless you live locally and then we can meet. I will ask you to complete a questionnaire which provides me with lots of background information about what you want to achieve and the problems you currently face. I also give you a task to complete prior to your Breakthrough Session. The task is directly related to your current challenge so it is chosen with care.

The Day is typically divided into two sections. The first section is very much an information-gathering process for me, finding out what problems you are experiencing, when they began and how you experience them.

The second section moves to the interventions where we get rid of your negative emotions and the problems that have been preventing you from getting the results you want.

As a final bonus, you end the day re-designing your future so that it looks like the one you’ve always wanted. I will then give you some actions that help you maintain your new way of being, until you get used to the new you!

As part of the Breakthrough Day package, 3 months of coaching is included, to help you stay on track and form the all-important new habits.

“It is clear for me that meeting you was one of the best things that happened to me and I can't thank you enough for your support!”

Karin Clement - Entrepreneur

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