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      I understand that the effects of the therapy may differ from client to client and that a cure cannot be guaranteed. It has been explained to me that in order to improve the quality of treatment, certain information on this form may be discussed with other professionals. However, I understand that my identity will be kept confidential.


    • • Sessions must be paid for in advance, whether an individual session or bundle of sessions.

    • • All requests for cancellation, postponement or re-arrangement of a session received less than 24 hours of the appointment are non-refundable. If that session is part of a bundle, it will be treated as if the session had taken place.

    • • Four session packages of therapy must be used within 8 weeks of the first session.

    • • Six session packages of therapy must be used within 12 weeks from the first session.

    • • Payments can be made via BACS transfer or card payment. Invoices will be issued upon request.


    The Therapy Sarah Proposes


    The Truth About Hypnosis:

    It is likely that you will feel relaxed and the more times you experience the process, the more relaxed you become.

    You will be able to hear me at all times. Sometimes I will ask you to nod your head or even speak to me during the hypnotic process.

    Hypnosis creates an altered state of awareness where your focus is heightened and your unconscious mind is open to suggestions that are of benefit to you.

    I cannot force you to do anything against your will.

    You will not tell me anything you don’t want to!

    What is Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

    Hypnosis is the art of moving from a conscious waking state to an altered, heightened state of awareness, that makes you more receptive to direct suggestion and imagery.

    Hypnotherapy simply means therapy during hypnosis.

    We work together to facilitate your recovery. You will only act on the suggestions that are right for you. If I say anything that is incorrect or goes against your personal values, your mind will simply reject the suggestion.

    There are many techniques we can use, so if we don’t always get the expected outcome, we have lots of other things to try.

    Be patient! Whilst there is every chance you will feel significantly better after our first session, sometimes the changes take a while before they are noticed. Some positive effects may be noticed immediately, while others take a while to get stronger and stronger with the passing of time.

    The mind likes repetition and reinforcement, so I may repeat things during your session and we may repeat processes at subsequent sessions, so that we keep building and building upon the momentum.

    If you can’t visualise the suggestions I make, that’s OK. It will still work! Most people can “get a sense of” an idea or picture it in whatever way makes sense to them!

    We will utilise your imagination to make the magic happen. You will learn how to direct your thoughts to what you want, instead of focusing on what is making you unhappy.

    I usually work with belief systems, because we behave according to our beliefs, even if we aren’t aware of what those beliefs are. That is why limiting beliefs that we hold to be true about ourselves really can hold us back in life.

    We will dig deep and uncover those limiting beliefs so that you can examine them and choose to release them if you wish to. Most will have originated in childhood and I have the techniques to re-visit those memories so that you can re-assess them, with your adult perspective. These are very powerful processes that work effectively and quickly, but that doesn’t mean they are scary, so don’t worry. I will take care of you.

    Hypnotherapy is far quicker than psychotherapy and counselling but it isn’t a one hit wonder or a magic bullet. The results are often magical, sometimes miraculous, but it is therapy and sometimes, when we resolve one issue, another one pops up, ready to be dealt with.

    I have found that many people experience immediate relief from their troubling symptoms and so stop coming for therapy. However, this is a mistake because until we have found the cause of the symptoms, they will return at some point, or a new set of symptoms will occur. This is why I only offer a minimum of 4 sessions and often end up seeing clients for longer. This is not because I want you to spend lots of money with me, but because I want to help you overcome your issue permanently and so I need to be thorough.