Sarah Christie


How Can Coaching Help You?

If the other options on this website don’t appeal to you, then the more traditional coaching approach is likely to be the one for you. It’s just like having a conversation, except it will be rather more focused than usual and will lead to some actions in order to help you make progress and create the result you want.

Traditional coaching can bring you clarity about a situation or person; it can help you identify and articulate what you want in your career or life; it can re-energise you with new possibilities and choices; it can empower and motivate you to change. The process will help you think things through and even improve your problem-solving skills!

Coaching is a wonderful, life-enhancing process which is non-threatening and often achieves huge transformations for people.

The results can be far-reaching and it is truly wonderful to observe individuals getting their lives back on track.

It goes by lots of names: life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, etc. but for me, Coaching is Coaching! If you want to change some aspect of your personal or professional life, coaching will help and the process should be pretty much the same, no matter what the issue.

What is Involved?

Lots of listening and questioning by me and lots of thinking and answering by you! I like to view your coaching as a collaborative partnership, where we explore what you want and together, work out an action plan to get you there.

Coaching is an empowering, liberating process, very much solution-based and focused on results.

I use a tried and tested coaching framework that keeps the conversation on track and yet allows for in-depth exploration of what you want, the gap analysis of your current situation compared to where you want to be and an action plan of how to get you there!

You can be assured of my confidentiality so that you feel safe to talk and share your inner feelings and aspirations.

What You Can Expect From Me

Professionalism; commitment to your success; a willingness to hold you accountable for your actions; total focus on you and quality coaching that comes from many years’ experience.

What I Expect From You:

A willingness and commitment to reach your desired outcomes.

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

I do not work to a “one package suits all” formula. I am happy for you to make that decision.

Some people prefer longer term support and opt for monthly coaching sessions, usually for 90 minutes per session, while others prefer a whole day with me, followed by 2 follow up telephone calls.

Others decide session by session if they want more or want to stop. I’m pretty flexible! You can choose how long you want the session to last (from 60-120 minutes.)

My only preference is for the initial meeting to be face to face and for 3 hours. This gives us both time to get to know one another and gives me time to really do some serious fact-finding. It is unlikely that one session will be enough because that is mainly focused on your current challenge and desired outcome. Once we have established that, I usually continue all further coaching sessions over the telephone unless you prefer face to face and the focus of our session is to help you stay on track and achieve the results you desire.

We can use Skype or telephone, whichever you prefer. If you live outside the UK, I appreciate that a face to face meeting will be impractical, but at least the options of Skype or telephone still enable you to receive coaching.

Everything is possible!

If you would like to know more, please send an email to [email protected] or call or text me on +44 (0) 7909 975 767. I look forward to hearing from you!

It is recommended that before having hypnotherapy with Sarah

you book a free 30 minutes consultation. If you wish to proceed with hypnotherapy, after the initial consultation, you can book those appointments here also.